Sunday, May 31, 2015

today was the tour of historic lima. we didn't have to get up as early today, we were leaving the office at 9, so i got to sleep in a little. i got up and my dad drove me to the office. once everyone was there, we left for the bus system. we had to take two different bus systems to get to historic downtown.
we got on one of the mini busses which was extremely packed. you can tell by brendan's (not whitney) that is was packed. i mean like 15 people on a bus the size of a mini-van. packed to the brim, with people standing in the tiny isle. after we got off the mini-bus, we walked to "la metropolitiano" or the central bus system which is the newest in lima, and was very nice. we rode that and got off. (i will apologize right now because we went to so many places i do not remember them all and do not remember why they are important) we walked around and around, went to theaters, government buildings and parks. all amazingly beautiful.
 this was a hill side that i admired the whole day. there are shanty towns upon the hillside that are amazing, i want to see them up close, but they are not safe to go through so we would have to get as close as we can. maybe someday.

we walked through catholic churches that were from the 1500's, think about that. that is before america was even founded, and far before america was even a popular destination. it really puts things into perspective. we are just a tiny piece of sand in the beach of life. we walked through amazing avenues, with amazing architecture, beautiful streets, just everything was beautiful. 

 well, i do remember this, it was the door for a royal family and the door had to be gigantic in order to let the carriages in because the women in those days were not allowed to be seen outside of their houses, so they did whatever they had to in order to not be seen. of course, i had to take a picture with it because it was gigantic. 

we went to a very old church, where we took a tour. it was awesome, but we weren't supposed to take pictures, but i couldn't resist. . . oops. the church was amazing; amazing architecture, painting, just everything. there was this dome made of wood and it was awe inspiring! i was mad i didn't get a picture of it. after touring the church, we went into the catacombs. this was awesome! there are roughly 73000 bodies down there, and there are many many chambers that hold the bodies. there have been excavations so the bones have been separated, and some areas renovated. the picture above was a 10 meter pit that was filled about 2/3 of the way with bodies. so cool, but also extremely creepy at the same time. 
 these two (left and below) are pictures of the buildings and the center where lima was originally founded in 1535. these buildings weren't here, but this is the place where it was founded and it was beautiful. awesome fountain, awesome buildings, lots of people. just cool. this city and country is just becoming more and more amazing.
this was a great day, lots of information, touring, and great sights that were awesome to see! this (below) is one of my favorite pictures from today, it was a ceiling of a theatre and it was huge, about 30 feet across, and all different colors. today was awesome! i know it will just keep getting better from here, and i cannot wait to see what is in store for me. one week down, eight to go. it is going by too fast! instagram - robin_stark1114