Friday, May 29, 2015

this city keeps amazing me. today was school and out with friends. i had both my classes today, and they are so long it nearly kills me. we went to bimbos (funny huh, bimbo). for lunch and i had just some fries because i wasn't hungry. we went to a bank to get some money and it charged me 13.5 soles or about ($4.5) to get money out, man that nearly killed me. after my second class, we went to miraflores. we went lacromar, which is the beautiful mall on the bluff overlooking the pacific, and actually looked around. we ate first at a place called tantos or something like that. i tried the famous pisco sour for the first time.
it was interesting, to say the least. there is the national liquor, pisco, a sweet and sour mix and an egg and some other ingredients. it took a bit to get through the frothy toping, but once you did it was a very strong liquor mixed drink that was similar to tequila. i didn't drink all of mine because i wasn't a huge fan and it was extremely strong. ill try it again and give it another try later. i had aji de gallena, which is a kind of chicken and potato with an amazing sause casserole type of dinner. after dinner, we walked around lacromar, which is an amazing mall. it has amazing views to either side, and an amazing view of the ocean. there were stores like "banana republic," "nike," "the north face," and many others. more than we could ever hope to have in iowa. there was an awesome alpaca store that i will have to go back to and buy things, it was beautiful and authentic. there were even weavers weaving something right in the store and were speaking quechua. after the mall, we walked to our bus stop and after a while of waiting, we realized we missed the last bus we should take, so we got on one that got us close to where were going. we got off and walked home. not too exciting, but it was a nice day. tomorrow we have our community service day, and it is going to be a long day, and i am going to be tired. instagram - robin_stark1114