Monday, May 25, 2015

can i quickly express how quickly i am falling in love with this country? lima, peru, you are quickly climbing the list. today was a whirlwind. i woke up late, had to quickly eat breakfast, fried eggs and extremely watered down oatmeal and was rushed out the door so fast i forgot to change my shoes; so i wore my underarmor slides all day. yay, lazy day. anyway, we got a tour of "la universidad del pacifico" which is extremely nice; one of the oldest and most respected universities in lima, then ate a great peruvian meal and toured the isa office.

after our orientation, we got a "bus tour" where we basically got on the most crowded bus possible and rode it for about forty minutes to the amazing district of miraflores (pictured at the top). we walked around the amazing bluffs, and then walked to the amazing mall on the edge of the cliff and to a park that was infested with cats (i mean an infestation, hundreds). then we got on a bus to take us back to the isa office and accidentally left someone in miraflores, oops; well she will soon become accustomed to lima. . . at home, i met the housekeeper and cook, she was extremely nice but talked a hundred miles an hour and i only caught a little bit of it. sitting at home is nice, my family is amazing, and my mom took me around downtown lince (my home district). i am excited to see what this city has to offer and to start classes tomorrow. thank you all again for following, i hope you keep visiting my blog.