Tuesday, May 26, 2015

afuera mi zona de seguridad. outside my comfort zone. this is correct, and incorrect. i am completely immersed in a extremely different culture and i am doing just fine. the language is a struggle at times, but i am managing and constantly surprising myself with how well i am doing for only being 19 years old, and only have about 5 years of spanish. today was the first day of classes, and it was a bit of. . . how do i say gently. . . a clusterfuck. the first class, socioeconomic and political realities of peru, o "la realidad socioeconomica y politica de peru," began at 8.30 and it was extremely difficult to understand "mi profe." we had a short break at 11.15, and then had the second half of the class from 11.30 until 2. the second half was easier, the professor was a lot easier to understand and explained things very well. i will never get used to these 3 or 5 hour classes, that is one good thing about the united states. my dad met me at my house, and we walked back so i know how to walk there in the future. i needed to exchange my american dollars to peruvian soles, so i walked to the close bank and exchanged them. one thing you will never get used to is the driving. simply put, it is well. . . nuts. the only way i can describe it is a school of fish. constantly moving wherever you want to go, but never running into each other. after the bank, mi mamita segundo, or second mom made dinner and i took a nap. after, we ate dinner and i spent some alone time in my room. mi mamita took me to the store, "wong" and i bought a couple notebooks and folders and some candies. i really want to buy alcohol, but i don't know yet if my parents approve or not and do not want to impose. i know that was long, but i just want to be able to remember everything that happens, and for whomever cares to know what i am doing throughout the day. i am lacking pictures today, and i apologize so in the future i will work better to get more pictures, but this is all i have. i hope you continue to keep up with my blog. and if you want to follow me on instagram for more of my photography and adventures (and selfies) my address is @robin_stark1114 - hasta la pronto.