Sunday, May 24, 2015

home. after being up for over twenty four hours, i am at my home for the next eight weeks. after being picked up from the airport, our company took us to our house and introduced us to our family. my host-dad, eduar and mom, elva were awake and quickly introduced me to the house, dog, kimba and my room which has a bathroom in it. there are two other students living in the house with me, as exchange students; so i am not alone. my two brothers, jose and cesar both speak english and are very helpful. the weimaraner dog, kimba, is great and just like my dog romeo. he is currently laying between my legs and i feel like i am at home. we are in a nice district, quite (minus the constant barking dogs, and yelling neighbors) and close to my university. i am very far from my internship, but what are you going to do? i plan on making the most of my time here. i hope you all continue to follow my adventures, it means so much to me!