Wednesday, May 27, 2015

hi everyone, i know this is the first picture i have put up of myself because i love being behind the lens and not the other way around. today was both good and bad. first, i woke up for class and went to class. "la literatura hispanoamerica" or hispanic-american literature. it was easier to understand the professor, i think he is a native english speaker. we talked about the course for a little, then watched 1492, which is extremely long and was in spanish so it was hard to catch everything. after, we had out isa meeting and talked about the upcoming weekend. after the meeting, a group decided to go to miraflores. so we quickly went home, ate a great meal, then got back to get on a bus for miraflores. we rode, then got off and walked down to the ocean. it is seriously amazing, in every way. i cannot express how much i love this country.  it is so beautiful. we spent some time on the beach, then decided to go to the inca market.

we walked up the walkway and went to wong, then split up with our group. my group went to find the inca market, but got distracted with a marked in a plaza. we looked, and everything is beautiful. we also went to "cacao museo" or cocoa museum. that was awesome, i am going to have to go back later. we tried the chocolates which were amazing, and some chocolate liquor. very strong, wow. we got on a bus, and i sat by jasmine. i like her, she is awesome, and i can tell we are going to be good friends. we got off on a bus stop that i did not know. bad. fucking. idea. i walked around lima, and its various districts; through sketchy avenues, strange shops, parks, city centers, everything for over 3 hours. i finally called the emergency isa number and the peruvian, bless her heart, was so worried but did not know where i was. and neither did i. i eventually put down the phone, and asked a man with his daughter who were close to me. the little girl grabbed onto my leg and the man kindly and very nervously told me where i was. he seemed legitimately concerned, and that made me feel great, that people are actually going to care about peoples whereabouts. he really helped, and stayed with me until my ride got me. we talked and he told me about his family and the little girl was really excited to learn about me and how i am from the united states but decided to come here, she was amazed that people did that. my brother eventually picked me up and i got home safe. my mom was worried sick. i was fine, just a little unnerved that i had no idea where the fuck i was and had no idea how to get home. i wasn't scared, just anxious and tired. well, there is the good and the bad of going to a city of over 9 million people. this does not deter me in the slightest, i am still falling in love with this city and its inhabitants. if you want to see more of my photography and random moments of mine, follow me on instagram @ robin_stark1114 - thank you so much for reading, i hope you keep up.