Saturday, May 30, 2015

today was great. we got up really early and had to be at the isa office at 8, so we got there, but no one was there so we went to get a drink then walked back and got on the bus and left. it was supposed to be a long drive there, and it was, probable an hour or an hour and a half. the drive, however, was beautiful, through different districts, green areas, and also into the desert. we drove past the ruins, which i want to go back to and actually go into them, and into the "mountains" and to "mundo lire" rehabilitation clinic. it is a rehablitation clinic for about 4 to 18 year olds, who have been either picked up off the streets or taken there by authorities, parents, or anyone else. they have five stages to go through before they can get out, and this usually lasts about two years. most, however, do not make it that long, and escape or are taken out by parents or a guardian. we started by getting introduced by a girl from germany, who talked in english (soo that is three languages, damn girl, i can barely do two. kudos to her) and split up into groups to go with the girls or the boys. the boys and girls have to be kept separate because many times they are in prostitution or the like, so having them together is not a good idea. anyway, we got to work with our volunteer and cleaned an area for planting, which was through rock hard dust, and a lot of rocks.

we were having so much fun, lots of laughs. after we finished, we went to help the other group with the rest of the boys. we had to clean out a drain because it was overgrown with weeds and mud. now that was tough work, my hands still hurt from pulling the sheets of mud and weeds out of the gutter. after, we went inside and had some time before lunch, so we talked with the kids.

at lunch we all sat by some of the kids and talked. they were all so interested in our lives, where have i been, what do i like to do, movies i have seen, and music i like, food from the states that i like, food from peru that i like. it was awesome. we then broke up into teams for the main event, futbol or soccer for those of you who don't speak any spanish. we broke up into four teams and then went to the girls housing while the boys got ready. it was interesting to see the housing. simple, like a hostle, with a living room type and outside common areas. we looked there then went to play! we played and played, it was great to play.
i even scored a goal, surprising, huh. i can actually do sports, spite all you haters. ha. we played for a while then took a group picture (which i cannot post because it can cause legal problems, we cannot post their faces. so sorry, no group picture.) then got on the bus and left. it was such a fun day, and was very rewarding to see how happy the kids were to see us. it was truly an amazing experience!

the mountains around the clinic, were also amazing, even though they are just dirt, and no trees or grass; just. . . dirt. like everywhere else here. they were still awesome! our drive home was good, more sight seeing. i sat next to andrea and had a good conversation. she is cool too, i like her. one cool picture i snapped has a paining on a wall that says "vamos peru" or "lets go peru." that is cool how proud they are of their country, really gives them a lot of honor in my mind.
today was a great day. one of my favorites so far, if not my favorite. i was in dire need of a shower right when i got home, so dirty and smelly. great day, cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!