Wednesday, June 3, 2015

not much has happened the last couple days, so sorry for not updating earlier. i have had school, and not much else. after class on tuesday, i went home, took a nap then we went to see mad max. the theaters here are different, you have to choose your seat (similar to like a baseball game). the movies, at least those made in america, are in english with spanish subtitles. i was expecting everyone to talk through the whole movie because they don't have to pay attention and listen but only read. not the case, it was good. very loud, and let me say; i loved the movie so much!!! it was action filled, bloody, pulled on your heartstrings, had amazing actors (i absolutely adore charlize theron) and the score was amazing! the other girls probable weren't as much a fan, but i loved it! best movie i have seen in a while!
today after class, we went to the inca market. it is basically a market of a bunch of "tiendas" or small shops that sell the same thing. it was good to go, but it is the same thing over and over. i will probably go again before the end to get gifts. i bought a few funny things, and a nice baby alpaca beanie that i absolutely love! not much is happening this week, we have the ica excursion this weekend which will be great, but other than that basically just classes.
I can talk a little more about peru. there isn't much more to add, but a couple things. public urination is not a big deal, if you got to go or even want to, feel free. the dogs, can fight whenever they want and it isn't a big deal and they can also shit in the streets, sidewalks, and everywhere else that is public and it isn't bad. most of the time they don't even clean it up. no wonder the water quality is so bad here. . . not much else, besides the driving maybe. it isn't bad to honk, cut people off, or anything like that. and the traffic is so horrendous because the infrastructure is lacking so much due to the terrorism during the 80s and 90s. i am learning so much about the socioeconomic and political parts of peru. i will update when i know more!
again, nothing too exciting. i hope i keep you keep up with me! instagram - robin_stark1114