Wednesday, June 17, 2015

the last day in cusco. 
we got up early from our great hotel, for breakfast at about 8.30. we had to check out by 9.30 because the people coming in early from flights have to be able to check in early to combat the altitude sickness (12.000 feet can be killer, trust me). 
we ate then had the whole morning to ourselves. out plan was to watch the parades, one at 9.30 which went right in front of our hotel and the other in the plaza de armas at 10. they weren't on time, surprise, peruvian time, so we went to the plaza de armas to watch that one. we got some souvenirs, after being harassed endless we had to tell them to leave and no one was going to buy anymore (man they are annoying and never-ending. when one leaves, another one swoops in). it was taking way too long to get things going, damn peruvian time, so we just left to go to christo blanco to get a great view of cusco. 
we got a taxi then arrived to the spot. or so we thought. it was the incan ruins city, and of course, i didn't have my pass because i put it away for safe keeping (i am a little ocd), so it would have costed me 130 soles or about $45. i was not about to do that. . . but the amazing people i was with pooled their money and gave me 90 soles, so i paid the remaining and got in. it was worth it. the view was amazing. cusco is situated in a natural depression in the andes mountains. you could see so far and it was beautiful. there were the white capped andes in the distance and it was awesome. we left soon after because we wanted to go to the marked and a few other things. 
the same cab drove us back and we got to the central market of cusco. it was closed, dammit. but there was lots of shops and stands surrounding the market. we (paige, andrea, and i) walked around, got some snacks (amazing kettle puff corn), and some clothes and bought chia. it is so cheap! i want more more more. after walking around most of the shops, we went to eat in the coffee shop and used its wifi, then walked around a little more. we saw the parades (amazing, i am still in awe at how beautiful they are. and all the participants are so passionate and it really shows, it makes me jealous of the pride they have in their country), more shops (about 38210 sol alpaca shops) and the chocolate museum.
it was getting close to time we had to go back to the hotel, so thats what we did. i was thirsty, so i needed to buy a cold coke. i walked to the closest place that had cold coke. when i walked in and grabbed it, the lady talked to me in english and said it was 8 soles, so i purposely ignored her and asked in spanish how much it was and she said 5 soles. see, it proves worth it to talk in spanish. 
we left the hotel and got to the airport for the flight back to lima. it was, of course, the same toy plane we took to get to cusco (i could tell because my ocd kicked in when one of the buttons was on the opposite side as every other button on the whole plane). it was an easy flight, however. 
this was from the night before, this is typical clothes from the old times, and were used in the parades. there were so many variations, and each and every one was more beautiful than the last, and each and every group had a more amazing dance and music than the last. 
cusco was amazing, and i will definitely miss this amazing city. but i know i will be back sooner rather than later. cusco, hasta pronto. 
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