Sunday, June 7, 2015

7.6.2015 - on the morning of the 7th, we got up early to eat breakfast. i found out brendan got sick too and neither of us felt good at all. and the skimpy breakfast did not help. after breakfast, we found out the pier, that we were going to go on a boat ride in to see sea lions and penguins, was closed due to high wave levels. so, we went to plan b and went to the paracas national reserve. we drove though desert that looked like mars. we saw fossil deposits, from the prehistoric ocean that once occupied this area. 
after the fossil deposits, we got to the coast to see "el catedral" or "the cathedral" which was a cool rock formation in the ocean. it was once connected to the cliff, and somewhat resembled a cathedral, but due to earthquakes, fisherman using dynamite, and many other things, it has deteriorated to what it is today. that was cool, awesome ocean views, boobies (blue footed boobies from the galapagos island's relative), and just great views.
we kept driving, saw more coast, more desert, then got the "visitors center/museum" type of thing. on the water, nearby, there as flamingos! that was cool, and to be completely honest, i didn't think those were even in the wild. i'm just kidding, i thought they were just a zoo kind of thing.
 after going though the museum, we went back to the hotel and left for lunch. we drove for a little while and got to san jose habitacion, which was an old plantation that has been refurbished to be a high end hotel and event/restaurant of sorts. we toured, saw the church (which had a beautiful and gigantic center piece made from mahogany from nicaragua, that was then carven in spain and shipped to eh plantation). after, we went to the "punishment room" which was underground, and small. where the slaves were punished if they misbehaved. creepy stuff. then, we toured the house, and its catacombs which were a labyrinth to escape the pirates of that era. it was really cool to see and learn about the history of the house, slavery, and everything else. then we ate, which was amazing, of course! lots of peruvian cuisine, and the desires of picarones, which are similar to fluffy donuts with a type of honey. i am in love with them. after lunch, we had free time to explore the plantation, in other words, napping in the hammocks. that was glorious. i am going to have to invest in a hammock. after i woke up from my hap, i walked to see the horses which were small and dehydrated by active and healthy. and then explored some more. 

we left the plantation shortly for home. it was a four hour ride through more desert, and along the coast. i got home and was exhausted. i cannot even imagine what the four day cuzco excursion will be like. i am so excited. 
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