Sunday, June 7, 2015

6.6.15 - we got up early, about 5.30, and then was at the isa office at about 5.45 and were on the road a little after 6. we picked up a few stragglers on the way and then we were officially on the road. we drove past shanty towns, through neighborhoods filled with houses that were made of straw, mud, few boards and anything else cheap that could be used. a lot of the houses looked like a playhouse or fort that was made by three year olds; held together haphazardly, made of any available materials, sometimes no roof, no doors or windows; just holes. we went through towns overrun by dogs, cats, and other animals. towns with water main breakages that last days, wasting thousands of gallons of precious water. many of these towns are in their early phases of development, so they don't have much infrastructure or good housing or transportation options. after driving for a while, and seeing the poverty of these towns, it redound on me: how lucky am i? these people know no different, but i do. i would like to say i could live like these people do, but in my gut, i know i would not be able to. don't get me wrong, this does not bother me at all; all the neighborhoods, poverty, etc., that doesn't make me uncomfortable or anything, but i do know that i would not be able to live like that. to live off mere dollars a day, to have to scrounge for food, water, clothes, materials for housing, or anything else. you truly cannot imagine it until you have experience it first hand; to see or live in it. you may be able to picture it, but never truly imagine or live it.
back to the events of the day. we drove and drove, about 4 hours to the oasis. it was so cool! we were around mountains, and a huge desert with gigantic dunes. we got off the bus, got our bearings, used a disgusting bathroom, and loaded into our dune buggies. i wanted to sit by brendan, whitney, and jasmine because i knew they would be hilarious; and let me tell you, they were! we all were. we sat in the back (extremely bumpy the whole time) and buckled in for a crazy ride. through huge dunes, vertical, horizontal, sideways, slantways (ha willy wonka reference, for all you movie fanatics like me), all of the above. screaming our heads off, laughing our asses off, bouncing off each other and everything around us. then we stopped and got to sand board. there was a small (i thought was small, it wasn't) hill, leveled out then another hill. they said you could probable make it if you went fast, and let me tell you; i flew!!!! i was the first and i was probably the fastest, no joke you fly. we waited for everyone who wanted to go, then went to another bigger hill. i didn't think it was that big until ian went down, and disappeared into oblivion. it was gigantic. probably 70-100 feet high. i flew gain, so much fun! then we went for a last hurrah, and took pictures. it was beautiful. a desert among mountainous backdrop. perfect. and of course, i took sand to add to my collection!
after pictures for a while, we went back to the oasis to eat. good dinner, then we walked around the oasis to explore. so cool! there was a sulfur pit over one of the nearby dunes, so you could smell that and the water had to be mildly acidic, but there was still life! 

after exploring, we got back on the bus to go to our hotel for the night. so nice, everything. the soft beds, balcony overlooking the ocean, amazing hot and strong shower, huge pool, ocean and pier right on the edge of the pool, everything. right away, we all wanted to swim so we went down, but it was extremely cold so after shivering for a while in the pool, we walked around the ocean side, took pictures, talked, watched the beautiful sunset, then decided to make some drinks. i brought pisco, so i made a pisco sour with my mix, and we went to play volleyball, drank some more, then got hungry. we walked to town, which was a short walk and ordered. i got yucca, and rice. i love yucca so much, it is amazing. whitney got conch but didn't like it so i tried it and ate two. after that, we went back and made more drinks. brenben and i wanted to get drunk, so that is what we did. we played some drinking games for a while then about midnight went to our rooms. in the middle of the night, i thought i had to poop, but actually i had to puke . . . and i mean, i threw up the contents of my stomach; i didn't even know my stomach held that much . . . but i survived to see another day. thank you for reading, and i hope you keep returning! follow me on instagram - robin_stark1114